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After joining as a Teaching Personnel, I have always felt welcomed and looked after by all the staff. It is very rare that such a dedicated team always asks how you're feeling when they ring you and it is that personal care that makes you feel fully supported. You have always had plenty of work for me and I am extremely grateful for the work you have provided me with. My personal experiences and confidence in teaching have been raised thanks to the work you have given me.-

               "Lala Harendra Kumar"
                    Science Teacher
                  Mayur Public school

Mayur School has a good education system. The approach to teach things is really great.
 And my child is in the first stage (Play group) of her school. She never wants to miss school.
She enjoys learning.

               "Kumari Reema Gupta"

Mayur school
is like a revolution in the field of education. Mayur school aims at making students who care for the whole world. It makes children good inquirers. Mayur School try to learn many things which make them knowledgeable.
 They want to explore new things around them. Students learn to become open-minded.
              "Santosh Kumar"

For me Mayur school means complete education with international standards. Mayur school aims at educating the child in different fields like academics, personality development, social and moral development, sports and cultural activities. I really admire the building up of learner profile.
These qualities will make the children confident and above all good human beings.


Mayur School
provides high quality education helping the child to make a better world.
 The excellence of the Mayur School is not only in wholesome education of a child, but also remains committed to the professional development of the staff. The Mayur school helps a child to develop intellectual personal, emotional and social skills to live, learn and more in today’s competitive world with global mindedness.
            "Shyam Prakash"

Mayur School
offers high quality education. It develops like mindedness among children and a positive attitude towards learning. Children are encouraged to understand their cultural and national identity.
The Mayur School helps develop a very positive attitude for learning by allowing students to remain inquisitive.
 Community service is encouraged to make children good global citizens. Mayur School also fosters recognition and development of universal human values.
 The curriculum offers diversity and flexibility in teaching methods. Practical education is given equal importance.

        "Chandrabhushan Kumar"